"An Old World Culinary Experience"

@BlueDog Vista Ranch

857 Childress Road

Saint Jo, Texas


OK Folks!  “It’s a Wrap!”  Denis and Susan have decided it’s time put an end to this wonderful and sometimes crazy adventure called Ancient Ovens.  Why you say?  Why the heck not?  Time to stop and smell the roses…after 13 years of working Ancient Ovens weekend nights…we decided we are ready to STOP and SMELL the roses!  Take life as we see it and no longer be on any else’s timeline. 

What does this mean?  Well, for some of you wonderful folks, perhaps this is a great time to clean your house and invest time in your very own “house parties”!! So please do not ask us if we will miss running Ancient Ovens…that will be an HONEST and resounding NO!  YES! We will miss the folks we have met during the years…and will grow our friendships outside of Ancient Ovens with the very dear people we have met through our business!    We will miss the great staff that had an integral part of making Ancient Ovens a great place to dine. 

NOW, it is time for Denis and Susan to move on to other personally meaningful endeavors!! 

The  Ancient Ovens concept—which includes the trademark, processes, website, Facebook page, customer email list, and all the working processes-- is for sale…but the buyer will have to find their very own piece of heaven to relocate the business.  Additionally, this endeavor will take some future business owner a fair amount of “chutzpah” and a lot of good-old-fashioned hard WORK!   If you are interested, please give us a call! 940 366-4255

And as a side note…If you find a COOL place (kinda like Ancient Ovens) to dine at….Give Us a Shout!  Maybe we will join you!

So, as we say in the Navy…. To all we have met along the way…”Fair Winds, and Following Seas.”

A sincere and heartfelt, “Thank You” goes out to everyone that has dined with us these last 13 years.