Ready to slow down your busy life?....Then take a ride to North Texas Hill Country to experience an Artisan...Wood-Fired Oven Baked....

Four-Course Gourmet Italian Meal

Ancient Ovens is a "Reservations Only" venue.  We have One seating per serving evening, which means that your table is yours for the entire evening.  The serving time varies with the setting sun--so the arrival/serving time varies with the seasonal sunset.  We serve a set menu and everyone attending the evening's dining event goes through the dinner as a group.

Also....we practice a "slow food" European is meant to be enjoyed as a Social Event and, hence the dining experience reflects this philosophy.

Price per seat $26.00 


The Dining Experience at Ancient Ovens starts with the timed tested craftsmanship used in the construction of the fire brick oven arches, hearth and walls within the oven structure , as well as the time-tested ancient building method (not built from a pre-fab kit, but constructed from the foundation up by the direction of a Master Brick Mason) used to retain the deep soaked heat necessary for the baking of exceptional rustic country breads and Neapolitan Style Pizzas


The Cooking Process begins with a fire lit with  hard oak wood and fired to an approximate and optimal cooking temperature of 650 degree


The Ancient Ovens staff prepares the fresh ingredients daily for the nightly dining events.  The pizza and artisan sour doughes are created fresh from scratch everyday.  The pizza dough is hand rolled and the artisan sour dough is slow fermented from a 90 year-old "mother" culture.  We use locally produced ingredients such as the sausage as much as possible. 


From couples to large groups---Ancient Ovens delights in serving an fixed menu of Old World style baked Italian style cuisine.

Our Four-Course Artisan Meal Includes:

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