Regardless of how our nation and citizenry found ourselves in these historic times, and no matter what individual opinion may be on the matter, the fact remains that there will be certain new rules to follow as we all navigate in the greater public sphere.  Please understand that we at Ancient Ovens are trying to navigate these cloudy waters too. 

Although life itself offers no guarantee, we can only attempt to mitigate the risks, but NOT eliminate them.   Please keep this in mind when making your reservation at Ancient Ovens.

If you deem yourself an at risk individual, as much as we would love to have you dine with us at Ancient Ovens, please stay home until such time that this pandemic makes it “safe” to venture out in public.
 We understand that illness will pop up last minute---we will not however, as was our standard policy pre-covid, to accept last minute cancellations, but will gladly issue a voucher for you to reschedule at a later date.  We plan, prepare, purchase, and staff based on the number of guests that we have for a particular evening.  We are a DESTINATION restaurant.  As we are abiding to current state regulations in limiting the number of guests we have each evening, this makes our profit margin ever more precarious.  So, we are hoping that everyone will be responsible adults, and stay home if sick and we will be happy to see you dine with us at a later time.  We know though, that some last minute cancellations come from people who, for whatever reason, decide they don’t want to come on the date they committed to, that’s okay….again we will be happy to issue a voucher for a later dining date. 
No one “likes” rules…we don’t like a large number of rules either….but we request that everyone remains flexible and understanding, and we will keep the number of rules in order to provide mitigation, comfort, and enjoyability to all our guests.

In addition to the rules and commonsense that our staff and employees have always followed, there will be NEW rules put in place to ensure the comfort and safety of all our guests.  Including the following:

Following the Texas Department of State Health Services guidelines for Restaurants in the State of Texas
Social distance of groups--no larger than SIX
Limit of the total number of guests to dine with us—we have wanted to draw back our numbers, so this is the one POSITIVE aspect of the pandemic.

Future Dates listed on calendar as "Wait List" only...will open date up 10 prior to dining date. 

So, if these requirements don’t bother you, we invite you to please continue the reservation process. 

Denis and Susan Moody, Ancient Ovens