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Q:  How small or big of a group can I bring?

A: Ancient Ovens has served as few as two, and as many as 110-outside & 76-indoor dining lodge.  When you  make a Reservation, your will set up your table for the size group in your party.  If members of your group will be paying separately, please remember to note a common party name when purchasing your seats.  This way we can ensure your party will all be seated together.   Groups larger than 20, please fill out the large group form. Although the number of seats may be available for your size party, the size group that can be accommodated on any given eveninguu is based on factors such as weather conditions and other group seating for a particular evening.  We base each evening's supplies (every food item is made daily from scratch), and staffing requirements on the number of guests we serve for a particular evening, thus enables us to keep our operating costs lower (and price per meal lower as well).    Thank You.  

Q: Ancient Ovens Pricing Guidelines for 2020--(these guidelines supersede all other previously published pricing--newpapers, flyers, brochures, etc.)

  • Ancient Ovens dining is by RESERVATION Only.    At Ancient Ovens you are paying for a reserved seat, that happens to come with a four-course wood-fired meal.  Therefore, you don't have to eat the meal, but you must pay for the seat.
  • $26.00  per person.    
  • For groups larger that 20, please send a request to inquire about availability. 
  • Lap Children (those young enough to SIT in their parents' lap) no charge.  The exception to the lap child policy is this:  If dining is INSIDE the Lodge and your are a couple with a "lap" child, then you will be considered a party of "THREE" and charged for "THREE" seats.  Bottom Line.....we will not seat a couple with a child at a table with another couple who may be out for a "Child Free" date night!  But we are sure you understand this!  All other children will  be charged the ADULT price.

Q: Will my party have their own table for the evening?

A: Ancient Ovens makes every attempt to seat groups based on their group size.  Outside Seating--Parties of 2 or more will be seated at their own table or Pavilion spot.  Inside the Lodge--We use the “European” style of seating for parties of two.  Often, one nice couple gets to sit at a four-seat table with another nice couple.   “Just another chance to meet someone new and exciting”.

Q: Can I request to sit in the Pavilion (near the oven) or at tables outside the Pavilion?
A: Yes…. When you make a reservation, please let us  know if you have a seating preference. All attempts will be made to accommodate your party.  If you have a disability and desire to be seated in a “table chair” instead of a 30 inch tall barstool, please let us know upon making the reservations.Q: What time do you start seating for the evening’s event?

Q: What time do you start seating for the evening’s event?
A: Check the event calendar on our website for the "window of  arrival" time.  Please don’t be late and miss course number one.
Q: Does Ancient Ovens play music?
A: Yes.  Mostly a 1960’s and 1970’s mix of classic rock, folk, pop, etc. .  *****Ancient Ovens is a “Certified Rap Free Listening Environment”*****
Q: Can my children come to Ancient Ovens?
A: Yes…. however …., our experience over the last ten years has shown us that Ancient Ovens is predominantly an adult venue.  Couples book us months out and come from great distance to enjoy “Date Night” with us.  If you would like to bring young children, we expect that they be extremely well managed.  Children shall remain at their seating area with an adult guardian as well as be escorted (for their safety due to our working farm status ) to and from the rest rooms by an adult. Please see Ancient Ovens pricing guidelines above for children pricing. 
Q: What is that blue heeler’s name that always greets us as we walk up to the pavilion?
A: Scrubby-sadly passed away the summer of 2019.  The Red Heeler who now greets guests name is "RED"
Q: Can you tell me how many calories and fat grams are in your Dark Chocolate Hazelnut desert calizone, and your Italian Teardrops and your Neapolitan pizzas, and your spinach / artichoke dip….. oh…. and your wood fired sourdough hearth baked bread?
A: No. Don’t know. May we suggest that you not let Ancient Ovens be your choice for a low carb, low cal evening.  Let Ancient Ovens be your evening to live, love, laugh.

***If a member of your party has dietary limitations, please please let us know.  We can accommodate SOME dietary requirements***

Q: What if I have reservations and it starts to rain or get really cold? Will Ancient Ovens cancel service or what?
A: Denis will stay in touch with all guests that have reservations.  However, Ancient Ovens Lodge is heated and in use during the cooler and wetter climates.  The Lodge does not have refrigerated air(A/C).  During the summer we are an outside venue.  Fortunately the valley we are located in is more often than not, reasonably comfortable during the summer, once the sun sets.

From previous experience, we know that good old Mother Nature can throw her weight around.  Please dress accordingly, and remember, what the temperature in the City may be (hotter or colder) is usually not the case in the country--Ancient Ovens is, many evenings, cooler in the Summer and a little chillier in the winter than Urban areas.  Additionally, windiness, a popup rain storm, or other weather conditions are beyond the control of Ancient Ovens.  We strive very hard for all of our guests to have a very pleasant evening at Ancient Ovens.  
However, please keep in mind that we cannot control the whims of Mother Nature.      If she hampers your dining experience because of the above conditions, please speak to her personally.