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Ancient Ovens serves year round....Rain or Shine
Ancient Ovens is a "Reservations Only" venue.  We have One seating per serving evening, which means that your table is yours for the entire evening.  The serving time varies with the setting sun--so the arrival/serving time varies with the seasonal sunset.  We serve a set menu and everyone attending the evening's dining event goes through the dinner as a group.
Also....we practice a "slow food" European is meant to be enjoyed as a Social Event and, hence the dining experience reflects this philosophy.

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Life and Technology is ever changing.  Due to the large volume of calls/text Denis had to address everyday, we have made the well thought out decision to take our reservation system totally online.     It is still our desire is to  be able to tell our guests (especially first-time guests) all about the Ancient Ovens experience.  Most folks, with phone reservations,  listened to the very detailed information  that Denis carefully conveyed to all callers(but some chose not to listen). We are a very different venue--and many times, folks who do not get the initial brief--do not have the most optimal experience because they base their expectations on a conventional restaurant model--which Ancient Ovens is not! All the detailed information is still here on the web site!  Please contact us on our contact page for any inquiry not covered here.


Whether we have 2 guests or 50 guests, our dining events are served family style.  One meal(event) per evening.  Your seating is yours for the evening.  Please check our calendar for all event dates and showtimes. Please stay in close contact with Ancient Ovens for serving updates.


Children at Ancient Ovens:  2020 marks the beginning of our TWELFTH season at Ancient Ovens.  Through the years of serving, we have determined that we are predominately a "Grown Up" venue.  Folks both young and old, married or dating, have continuously conveyed to us that Ancient Ovens is the perfect festive, rustic, eclectic and romantic "date night" event.  We do welcome "well-managed" children.  However we request that children remain at their table or be escorted by an adult guardian AT ALL TIMES--including to and from the restroom facilities.  Please see FAQ's for pricing information.